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Rather than merely present clients with links to original comments and leave it up to them to read, Symfonix Health Hub produces an Interactive Dashboard to identify the key topics, communications channel, and map responses over geographical zones as well as further bespoke items.

The Symfonix Health Hub Interactive Dashboard allows users to explore individual items in the key themes, discover trends by communication channel, geography or other socio geographic indicators.

Data can be filtered a number of ways including by data range, search phrase or omitting certain words or phrases. The data can be easily manipulated by adding sentiment to individual articles within themes, which makes it easier to identify positive, neutral or negative comments from key stakeholders such as patients, friends or family providing feedback on their health experiences.

The Extracts panel within the Interactive Dashboard provides a snapshot of key articles in relation to the topic of interest. The key themes are automatically highlighted to easily identify the relevance of the articles. These extracts can be expanded on by providing a link to the original document for a more detailed view of the source.

The Symfonix Health Hub also provides a visual representation of the data in the shape of a Theme Cloud, which illustrates pertinent health topics. Document Count over Time presents a line graph showing a chronology of people discussing health topics.