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No single source of feedback and information can give the whole picture of combined feedback from staff, patients, service users and their families.

Symfonix Health Hub gathers then integrates feedback and intelligence from multiple sources to deliver that combined approach.

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Wherever you sit within the health economy there are a multitude of different information sources available to deliver feedback.  These are both internal to your organisation, such as complaints, surveys etc. and external such as partner information and opensource comment on the internet.

The challenge is to ensure that important information is not allowed to fall between the cracks when these different information sources are left as disparate silos.


Symfonix Health Hub automatically gathers information from all the relevant sources and brings them together in one place where they can be analysed. Once in the system, users can choose what elements of their universe of data to review at any particular time, allowing the system to be used as an analysis tool for small specific projects as well as creating an all-encompassing overview.

Below are just some of the potential information sources that need to be continually checked.