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Combining all potential information sources creates huge volumes of information that needs to be analysed. The unique feature of Symfonix Health Hub is the analytic engine that compares the language in all feedback responses and information items to identify the key topics being communicated.

How the system works

At the centre of a piece of feedback is the raw text of the comment that the individual is making. Symfonix Health Hub automatically generates the topics being covered by individual items by statistically comparing the patterns of language being used. When referenced against a topic specific thesaurus these language patterns generate an accurate picture of the topics being covered in the feedback. The traditional method of analysing qualitative responses to feedback is to develop a coding taxonomy and then have enough people to manually read all the individual items and tag them against the pre-agreed coding structure. The sheer scale of the manual activity is prohibitive to all but the organisations who can employ a team of tens of researchers but also its accuracy relies on the original coding taxonomy correctly predefining future potential topics.