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Some pieces of information are essential to know as soon as they are available.

To ensure that the right people in your organisation have the right information at the right time Symfonix Health Hub creates "need to know" items which are emailed to appropriate individual users.

Unlike Google alerts or other systems the "need to know" items contain a cross reference of topics i.e. your organisation name and concern about patient safety. This enables us to target the item to exactly the right person in your organisation.

Health alerts can be managed in a number of ways to ensure you stay on top of important issues such as patient safety. Specific sources are chosen by the user to ensure the most relevant health blogs, forums, social media accounts or news sites are crawled.

Alerts are easy to manage with options to create a new alert or delete alerts which take effect instantaneously as well as allowing an option to flag items for review. The frequency of health alerts can also be set to receive news hourly, daily or weekly so you never miss a beat.