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The "Patients First" approach promised by Jeremy Hunt MP relies on good engagement an...
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Edward Moore, chief executive of Symfonix, a company that helps the public sector monitor ...
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(This article first appeared in Materials World Recycling  in January 2013) The need...
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Local authorities must keep pace with innovative social media, cut through the sheer volum...
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Symfonix® is a unique information management and stakeholder intelligence system. It is a powerful and practical tool for the analysis of stakeholder feedback . The system gathers and combines disparate information sets from digital media and internal information systems.

The challenge facing most of our clients is trying to understand the key messages from ever growing sets of information. Symfonix answers this challenge by automatically bringing disparate information sets together so that they are never left in isolation, and most importantly, automatically analyses the content and presents the key messages directly to the people who need to hear them.

Symfonix “was instrumental in the success of our engagement activity. It gave us the opportuntiy to take residents' responses and provide meaningful analysis of their views”

Kent County Council

Symfonix worked with the North London Waste Authority (NLWA) during 20...
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Symfonix is excited to be working with Healthwatch Birmingham to deliv...
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Prior to the Airport Commissions interim report in December 2013, Symf...
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As a prelim to the switch to Local Healthwatch in April 2013, Stafford...
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What we do

Symfonix® operates with many different stakeholder groups, constituents, residents, employees, customers, and patients with the same aim, to ensure that our clients easily understand what is important to their stakeholders.

We provide our clients with the tools to listen to what their stakeholders want and be able to gain valuable insight into what really matters to them.  From these tools we develop valuable intelligence which improves the organisations performance and allows better allocation and targeting of resources. 

 Symfonix puts information in context immediately creating a desktop knowledge source that provides a clear view of issues and opinions.

"As befits London as a world leading city, L2L is an advanced and innovative digital media monitoring project, and we are pleased to be working witrh Symfonix on its delivery."

Greater London Authority