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Edward Moore, chief executive of Symfonix, a company that helps the public sector monitor ...
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Symfonix are holding a seminar for all parties involved in the appointment and running of ...
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Symfonix® is a unique system for opinion monitoring.   It is a powerful and practical tool for effective Community Consultation and Stakeholder Engagement. The system gathers and combines information from digital media with results from direct consultations and engagement exercises.

Whether it is the Private or Public sector, Stakeholder Engagement or Community Consultation, the research and engagement exercises follow the same rules.  Information is much more powerful when presented within a contextual framework and the tool collates disparate pieces of information and maps the results over the project area providing real insight into the situation.

Symfonix “has helped inform the decision making, by giving Members a geographical illustration of consultation responses. This in essence has given us a new evidence base and has introduced a level of transparency that would have otherwise been difficult.” 

Medway Renaissance

Methods of communication have evolved exponentially in the last decade.  Keeping track of all the information in the digital media e.g. online press; local and trade press, online publications and information sites and social media e.g. Twitter, Linked In, blogs etc. is a huge challenge.  To combine this information with data gathered from across an organisation e.g. research reports, letters, emails and minutes of meetings, would take a whole department of personnel.  Symfonix® provides clients with a cost effective and extremely powerful tool to collate information and create knowledge.

As a prelim to the switch to Local Healthwatch in April 2013, Stafford...
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Symfonix won the bid to power the system behind the Listening to Londo...
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Like all local government, Kent County Council (KCC) is facing a sever...
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Working with Green Issues Communiqué, we integrated the Co...
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What we do

Symfonix® operates with many different stakeholder groups, constituents, residents, employees, customers, suppliers and advisors with the same aim, to ensure that our clients understand what is important to their stakeholders.

We provide our clients with the tools to listen to what their stakeholders want and be able to gain valuable insight into what really matters to their residents, employees, customers etc.  From these tools we develop valuable intelligence which improves the organisations performance and allows better allocation and targeting of resources.

To help our clients to focus quickly on the key issues the system superimposes its results on maps of the consultation areas.  This puts the information in context immediately and includes all the sources from individuals’ comments, to minutes of meetings thereby creating a desktop knowledge source that provides a clear view of issues and opinions.

"The Symfonix® software was instrumental in the success of our engagement activity. It gave us the opportunity to take residents' responses and provide meaningful analysis of their views, in their words. This was the first campaign on a countywide scale and the help and support from Symfonix® was vital."

Kent County Council